Wall Street Apes Club


                 NOW MINTING!



Wall Street Apes Club is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs— unique digital collectibles dreamed up by your wife’s boyfriend on the Cardano Blockchain.  Getting your smooth brained Ape is the first step in achieving some Deep F*cking Value.  Get your Season 1 initial release Ape!  Together – Apes – Strong!



We Are Live!!!


Please send increments of 15 ADA to lock in your purchase to addr1v94p9dd6xdy5fl50eue2da4sf6nwzq73k0qpjlv92qemdyccl86u8

Limited to 10 NFTs per order.


Policy ID 0735a6f68074aac8c0a5a7e186502c89981779298738a20bdab594e6


Leave your paper hands at home and join your fellow autists in the Wall Street Apes Club.  This is the way.  Do you ask yourself the important questions, like When Lambo?  When you HODL your Ape.  The Street will threaten and intimidate you, maybe they even know you are retarded.  Whether you manage a crown or even diamond hands, or lose your sh*t YOLOing and end up in a cardboard box, you’re still part of the ape family.



©2021 Wall Street Apes Club NFT.   But what would I know, I’m retarded.